Outlook 2016 Keeps Crashing

If you’re like me, and you’re using OS X & tired of Office for Mac lagging behind Microsoft’s newest Windows version of Office, you rejoiced last week when Office for Mac 2016 preview was released. Well, I was rejoicing. After a bad account import, Outlook has crashed repeatedly. No amount of installing/reinstalling has done me any good. It turns out, there are 2 little commands that you need to run (BTW, I take no credit for these–a YouTube video I found actually yielded the info I needed):

➜  ~ defaults delete com.microsoft.Outlook
➜  ~ killall cfprefsd

Run those commands, and you should be fixed.



Aaron Sachs

Aaron Sachs
Linux geek, small-time brewer, banjo player, and incessantly curious dude.

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