Raspberry Pi

Compiling and Running Sensu Go on ARM

UPDATES When I originally wrote this post, I was operating under some outdated assumptions when it comes to building Sensu on arm devices. I’ll post the updates here at the beginning of the article, and you can read on to see how I’d previously set up Sensu on my Nvidia Jetson Nanos. Compiling Sensu Go As a Go novice, I didn’t fully understand the workflow for compiling Sensu for arm devices.

Monitoring Raspberry Pi's with Sensu

Back in August, I took a Customer Success role at Sensu. I’d been familiar with Sensu through my various bits of tinkering and dabbling with monitoring in the past, and was happy to take the role and work with the Sensu team officially. Now that I’ve been working with Sensu for a few months (and am officially on paternity leave for the next several weeks), I decided it was time to revisit the idea of using Sensu to monitor my Kegpi’s various sensors.