My Workspace

This post is the last in the Support Driven Writing Challenge series that I’ve been participating in lately, albeit a bit late. This post is about my workspace.

As a fellow support driven community member and remote worker Chelsea noted, being remote means that I can work from anywhere. In my case, it’s mostly true (given that I work third shift). My space has been a place that I intentionally crafted to be a place that would make going from a first shift job to a third shift one tolerable, if not at least somewhat enjoyable.


That’s the hoss of a desk that I hand-built. It’s iron pipe and stained pine, and all of 300 lbs (trust me, I attempted to lift it myself). I had previously used a Standesk 2200 while I was at Rackspace, but found the prospects of standing all night to be a bit…unpleasant.

I wanted my desk to be something solid, rugged, and something that would hold up to not only normal work, but something that would also function as sort of a work bench when I tinker with electronics. I also wanted it to be something that I could work at all night and not grow too terribly bored at, which is why I added the little terrarium you see in the picture.

The other elements of the desk are as follows:

Overall, I feel that the setup has worked well for working on third shift when I’m not doing work at Starbucks/other coffee shops. The only downside will be when the occassion next strikes us to move…I think I’ll use movers for the desk.