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Why I started using a Kanban tool for home tasks

I’ve tried quite a few to-do apps. Google Tasks, Todoist, Wunderlist,, . I’ve even tried using things like a planner, or a Bullet Journal. No app, no physical piece of paper seems to do the trick when it comes to keeping track of things I need to do. That is, until I started using a tool that could emulate a Kanban-style workflow. Let’s start with “What the heck is a Kanban board?

Resetting Minikube's IP

UPDATED I found that there is an exception to what the solution is here, namely that this only applies to VirtualBox 5.2. If you end up using Virtualbox 6.0, note that this won’t work. the longer term fix would be to downgrade your VirtualBox version. ORIGINAL POST I use minikube for a lot of quick troubleshooting and demos. I recently found myself in a situation where the IP address kept incrementing.

Monitoring My Kegerator With Sensu

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally got the KegPi mostly working and being monitored with Sensu! This post is going to go over the whole kit and caboodle and is going to build on the posts of creating the kegerator and getting Sensu to run on a Raspberry Pi. The deep and dark part of this post will cover: The code to measure the temp/contact sensors (Sensu Plugin) Writing Sensu checks that will incorporate that code Exporting the data from the temp sensor to Graphite and InfluxDB for seeing temperature trends Writing the Plugins If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous post on using Sensu to monitor Raspberry Pis, I’ll give you a short blurb about Sensu.

How I Homebrew

I’ve met quite a few homebrewers over the years and have learned tons from them. One of the things I always like asking about it their setup and getting to know what they use on brew day. I figured it’s time for me to do a HIB (How I Homebrew) post and let you know what I started brewing on, and where I’ve progressed. For Starters When I first started brewing, I started on a hand-me-down Mr.

Monitoring Raspberry Pi's with Sensu

Back in August, I took a Customer Success role at Sensu. I’d been familiar with Sensu through my various bits of tinkering and dabbling with monitoring in the past, and was happy to take the role and work with the Sensu team officially. Now that I’ve been working with Sensu for a few months (and am officially on paternity leave for the next several weeks), I decided it was time to revisit the idea of using Sensu to monitor my Kegpi’s various sensors.

Moving to Kegging my Homebrew

I’ve posted previously about homebrewing and have been brewing for almost three years now. Back in April, I took to destroying a perfectly good mini fridge to turn it into a kegerator. As any homebrewer can tell you, bottling is a pain in the ass. The delabling (if you’re reusing bottles), the santization, and the bottle carbonization makes for a rather long and laborious process. Because I’d finally had it with bottling, I decided that kegging would be a wiser choice since:

Moving (Back) To Linux

I’m a bit of a productivity nerd, I’ll admit. Over the last couple of years, I’ve cultivated a workflow that revolved around a lot of OS X tools that I LOVED: Alfred TextExpander iTerm2 These tools were my bread and butter. My professional life, if you will. However, I found myself in a bit of an odd spot in recent months–my MacBook Air was proving to be underpowered for running VM’s, and doing any sort of virtualized anything (which I wanted to be able to do for some training and other projects).

Thinking Spaces (A Support Driven Challenge Post)

It’s week 3 in the Support Driven Writing Challenge, and this week I’m posting about my thinking space. Let’s start out by establishing that I’m an introvert. I may be a bit of an extroverted introvert, but an introvert nonetheless. So naturally, being around people, or in social situations does not allow me to think easily. I’ll confess that the larger the group of people I’m around, the more taxing it is for me to sort through my thoughts.

How I Work

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I thought I was productive. I used a whiteboard (still do, by the way) for my todo lists, was running a Windows laptop for work, and that worked. When I moved to Texas and started working at Rackspace, things changed…drastically. First, my workload changed, and it changed how I had to approach my workload. I went from a workload that was so full of technical snowflakes (read ‘Unique and one-off issues’) and remote support (me logging into customers’ laptops and desktops), that any sort of automation was useless.

BeerSmith2 RPM

I’ve been trying to up my beer-making game, and remembered that I had a license to BeerSmith2, but didn’t see that they had any packages available for Fedora/Fedora remixes. So, I did a thing and have BeerSmith2 2.3.7 in RPM format. Cheers, Aaron