Resetting Minikube's IP

How to reset Minikube's IP to


I found that there is an exception to what the solution is here, namely that this only applies to VirtualBox 5.2. If you end up using Virtualbox 6.0, note that this won’t work. the longer term fix would be to downgrade your VirtualBox version.


I use minikube for a lot of quick troubleshooting and demos. I recently found myself in a situation where the IP address kept incrementing. Instead of the standard, every restart found the minikube VM with a new IP address, which made demos that relied on the standard IP difficult to demo.

I ended up finding the solution on Stackoverflow. To reset minikube’s IP back to normal, do the following:

  1. minikube stop
  2. Open Virtualbox and go to “File”–>Host Network Manager
  3. Find the adapter that has the subnet assigned to it (likely vbox0, though mine was vbox2), and remove it.
  4. minkube start
  5. minikube ip

That should give you the good ole IP address that you know and love.