A minimal Sensu environment with Docker

This past week, I had the pleaseure of attending Dockercon. While I was there primarily working the Sensu booth, it occurred to me that Docker presents an ideal way to demo what Sensu does, and I can quickly get an environment up without having to go through the rigmarole that I previously did using Vagrant. Now, that’s not saying that I think one tool is better than the other, but for the purposes of quick demos, Docker is more useful to me.

Why I started using a Kanban tool for home tasks

I’ve tried quite a few to-do apps. Google Tasks, Todoist, Wunderlist,, . I’ve even tried using things like a planner, or a Bullet Journal. No app, no physical piece of paper seems to do the trick when it comes to keeping track of things I need to do. That is, until I started using a tool that could emulate a Kanban-style workflow. Let’s start with “What the heck is a Kanban board?